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Toyota make a confident statement about their Hybrid range with their new Hybrid Challenge.

Toyota are the market leaders when it comes to Hybrid technology. With the Yaris, Auris, Prius, and Rav 4 currently offering a hybrid alternative, Toyota have taken the Hybrid concept to the next level and beyond.

There are more than 8 million hybrid drivers worldwide and, over the last 16 years, thousands of people in Ireland have discovered that hybrids are just...better.

So, what is a hybrid? A hybrid is a combination of a petrol engine with an electric engine but without the need to plug it in. At low speeds, the engine is turned off and the car is driven only by the electric motor. Then, when maximum acceleration is needed, both work together. At stages between, any excess power generated by the engine is used to recharge the batteries that power the electric motor.

So why are they better? They are better because they have up to 40% better fuel efficiency, have on average 30% less maintenance costs, and best of all, a Toyota hybrid emits just one-tenth of the NOX pollution of diesel engines, with no particulate matter, giving us better air quality.

To demonstrate how much better a Hybrid is, Toyota have just launched the Hybrid Challenge.

If you buy a 162 Toyota Hybrid, Toyota are so confident that you'll love it, they will guarantee to exchange it for a new 171 Toyota, in the unlikely event that you change your mind. 

We all like to sleep on a big decision, so now you can with a Toyota Hybrid. To compliment the Hybrid Challenge, Crossings Motors Centre are also encouraging customers to take a 24 hour test drive to see for themselves how efficient and responsive a Toyota Hybrid really is. 

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